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Don't Be That Guy (or Gal)! #1

So, I just watched a commercial that inspired this new series of articles. As paddle sports continue to grow in popularity, they have become popular imagery and backdrops for advertising as companies try to hitch their product to popular and growing sports like kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP).

With that said, I'm sitting here on the couch, overheating my laptop as I work on implementing a new update for our website. I hadn't been paying any attention to the TV, or even the fact that it was on as Christy has it locked down on the Hallmark Channel until Christmas! Plus, it was muted since she's been on conference calls. Suddenly, I'm distracted in my peripheral by what turns out to be a large group of kayakers on the screen.

Well, for those of us that try to take care of our equipment and hard earned dollars, what happened next made me cringe. The woman in the lead is paddling away and runs full steam onto a rising, rocky shoreline! This is unwise for several reasons:

  1. Shows a complete lack of skill.
  2. Demonstrates complete disregard for your equipment (and/or lack of respect if it's someone else's you're borrowing or renting).
  3. Reduces the life of your equipment by gouging, scraping and possibly puncturing the hull.
  4. Creates an opportunity for unnecessary injuries. By running the bow up onto an incline, you reduce/eliminate the stability of the hull, making it possible for the boat to roll and for you to earn a head injury when it slams into the rocks like the kayak did. Or maybe a broken arm or wrist when you realize you messed up and try to catch yourself on the rocks. 
  5. Even if you are a "pro" and somehow feel you can or want to do this and are willing to accept the potential consequences for your body and/or equipment, if you're leading a group, you should think about the example you are setting for the others around you. They may not have the skill to safely execute the same maneuver.


Don't be that gal (or guy)! This ad sets a bad example. This new series will focus on tips to help you look your best, get the most out of water sports in a safe manner and hopefully extend your season too! This is a win/win that will help keep you and the others around you, happy!

If you want to learn the basics and speed up your learning curve, contact us about a lesson. By learning the basic techniques, you won't waste time trying to "figure it out", you'll improve your confidence on the water, spend more time actually enjoying your sport and make your outings safer too!


The Ghost Paddler


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