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About BPS

Blueway Paddle & Surf, LLC is located at Badin Lake. Right in the heart of the piedmont region of North Carolina.

We offer stand-up paddleboards (SUPs), kayaks, wake surfboards and accessories to make these sports even more enjoyable. We also offer SUPs and kayaks designed and rigged with the angler in mind. These rigs open a whole new world of possibilities to the sport of fishing!

The product lines found at Blueway Paddle & Surf have been hand selected because they meet the criteria we look for when we purchase products for ourselves. They offer the best performance and features for the best value. Or, in other words, the best bang for the buck! Let us help you find the right product to fit your needs and wants.

To get you up to speed faster, we also offer lessons and rentals. Take advantage of the only watersports shop with a drive-thru! Rain or shine, we’ll help you load or unload your gear and keep you out of the elements until you’re ready to start your adventure. If you can’t make it, we also offer delivery. As an added bonus, we will apply half of your lesson &/or rental fees towards the purchase of a new board or kayak!*

So, why start a paddle & surf shop. I've always been one to take on new challenges. Upon doing so, I dive in deep. I try to learn all I can and master new things. I have a fire inside that needs to understand how things work, what makes them tick, why those nuts and these bolts (Thank you, Lego!). Over the years, my friends and family have discovered that, if I'm doing something I'm passionate about, I've done my homework. They often come to me for advice if they become interested.

Well, that is what spurred this idea into reality. After a lot of praying over several months, for God's hand to point me in the right direction, we started getting calls and visitors asking for advice on stand up paddleboards (SUPs) and kayaks. After several returned wanting to know how they could buy, we got the message. Thus, Blueway Paddle & Surf, LLC was born. After losing many lasting local businesses, the Badin Lake area needs a positive business influence. I'm hoping we can provide that and start to encourage an economic revitalization of the area. Your support and patronage would be greatly appreciated. After all, we can't do this without your support!

What about that name? Here’s the story:  After deciding on a name we liked, we filed our Articles on Friday the 13th. Christy came home from work that evening, with a new name that sounded better to us. So, first thing the following Monday, I called the Secretary of State's office and got a wonderfully patient lady to help with the name change. Our friend, Marty, of Island Sign & Design, had some logo samples ready for the first name that afternoon. While reviewing the logo ideas with Marty, and informing him we had changed the name, I received a message from a creative friend that was a couple days late. After some back and forth about our second name, JT says: "What about blueway?" My immediate thought was: "Where did that come from?" Before I could actually ask, he responded with this excerpt from Wikipedia:

Neither Christy nor I, really liked it when we first heard it. But, as we thought about it and realized just how well it related to our business and the area, it grew on us. JT had come up with the perfect name. So, I got back on the phone with the lovely lady at the Sec. of State's office (at 4:30pm) and begged for her forgiveness. After a few emails, we changed the name one final time before the examiner got a hold of our filing. With High Rock, Badin and Tillery sitting at the base of the Yadkin River State Trail, Blueway Paddle & Surf is uniquely positioned to support water sports enthusiasts in the piedmont of North Carolina.

Come and join us!


* Up to $150.00. Purchase must be made within one month of your lesson and/or rental.