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Youth:  Great for the smaller paddler in your fleet! Shorter, narrower and lighter weight makes these kayaks easier for youth to handle and paddle. Prodigy XS (approximately 8 - 12 years old)

Recreational:  Recreational kayaks are great, all-purpose boats for almost everyone. These kayaks are great for a casual cruise on the lake or river. They're also the most stable kayaks in our rental fleet. Models include: Prodigy 10 and Prodigy 12 sit-ins, plus the Tribe 9.5 and Tribe 11.5 sit-on-tops.

Touring:  Want to see and do more? With the added length, touring kayaks are designed to be smoother, quieter and more efficient in the water, while offering more space for gear. Perfect for slicing through boat wakes and wind chop with ease. You'll travel farther and faster for the same effort. These boats are generally better suited to those with at least a little experience. Models include:  Carolina 12 and Expression 11.5 (The Expression is excellent for small to mid sized paddlers) sit-ins, plus the Triumph 13 sit-on-top.

Tandems:  We have Tribe 13.5 sit on top tandems and a Cove 14.5 sit-in tandem available.

Fishing:  These sit-on-top kayaks offer features and accessories to help you bring home dinner! From Perception, we offer the Pescador Pro 10, Pescador Pro 12.

Fishing Premium:  From NuCanoe, we offer the Frontier 12 and Pursuit. Designed for ultimate versatility, these boats feature the greatest stability of any kayak. We offer the the F12 as a solo or tandem and the Pursuit is a solo boat. We also have the Perception Pescador Pilot pedal drive kayak available.

Kayak Type 4 Hours Day 2 Days 3 Days 7 Days
Youth 29.99 39.99 59.99 69.99 129.99
Recreational 34.99 49.99 79.99 89.99 149.99
Touring 39.99 59.99 99.99 119.99 209.99
Tandem (2 ppl) 44.99 69.99 119.99 149.99 279.99
44.99 69.99 119.99 149.99 279.99
Fishing Premium 54.99 79.99 139.99 179.99 349.99



1. PICK UP: 

Get your gear at the shop, strap it to your car*, SUV* or in your truck**, and take it anywhere. We'll even help you load & unload it under our covered drive-thru! (Hey, there's no sense in getting burned or soaked before you get a chance to have fun!)

*Vehicles with roof racks are required if you choose to pick up. We also have removable racks available for purchase.

**Some kayaks may require a six foot (6') bed length, a bed extender or a suitable bed rack system (ex. Thule Xsporter).


Door-to-Door service from our shop to your location or launch. We can even help you get on the water and come back to pick up the gear when you're spent.

Badin Lake:  Free local delivery to your home or a launch within the residential areas of Badin Lake with the rental of two or more kayaks for a day or longer.  Otherwise, delivery is  $15. 
Tuckertown Reservoir:  Delivery is $15. 
High Rock Lake:  Free delivery to your home with rental of two or more kayaks for a weekend (3 days) or longer. Otherwise, delivery is $25. 
Lake Tillery:  Free delivery to your home with rental of two or more kayaks for a weekend (3 days) or longer. Otherwise, delivery is $25

Each kayak rental Includes a kayak and paddle*. Plus, we provide a paddle orientation before launching.

*Kayaks are considered Vessels Under Oars by the US Coast Guard. For daytime paddling on most inland lakes, you are required to have a US Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (PFD) and a noise making device, either on your person or the kayak. If you do not have a US Coast Guard approved PFD, they are available for rental (w/ a whistle attached) or for purchase.

If you would like to rent equipment within the next 48 hours, please call us at 336.461.SURF (7873) to check availability and make your reservation. For the best experience, please allow at least three days notice. We look forward to helping you enjoy the water!

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