BOTE HD 12' All-Around / Touring Hybrid & Fishing SUP 2016


Chainmail Pro
RealTree Edition

      It's all about the lifestyle ... And the HD embodies it. The board that redefined what a SUP should be. The hd is a hybrid between a recreational surf style hull and a displacement touring hull with a "V" nose entry. The design paddles effortlessly while maintaining excellent stability.  Throw in a Stashpod, Tackle Rac receivers, and nose / tail bungees and you've got the most versatile board that Bote has to offer. If your looking for a "one board for everything", then the HD is for you. Load up your coolers with some frosty beverages, put your dog on the front and go enjoy some time on the water! Oh...And send us some pictures.

      *Available for In-store pickup or local delivery, only.


      Adjustable bungee straps allow quick and easy storage of extra gear.

      Watertight storage, an integrated bottle opener and a place for your favorite beverage; the Stashpod is the ultimate lifestyle addition.

      The “B” - logo texture is heat embossed onto the surface of the foam, not only providing incredible grip and comfort, but eliminating water absorption, making the board lighter and faster than traditional deck pads.

      A universal mount that functions as an interface between the deck of a BOTE board and an ever expanding number of mountable accessories.

      Completely redesigned to be the most comfortable grab handle found on any paddle board. No more numb fingers or weak leverage while transporting your board.

      Integrated latch-points that allow the board to be carried with ease using the Travelink™ Sling.

      Newly redesigned Cooler Tie Downs, featuring swivel action which allows the strap angle to adjust for optimum pressure distribution.

      Compatible with BOTE's unique Tackle Rac which has 2 rod holders and countless attachment points for 3rd party accessories like additional rod holders to GoPro® cameras.

    Classic Native Chainmail Pro Bug Slinger RealTree
    Dimensions 12' x 32" x 5" 12' x 32" x 5" 12' x 32" x 5" 12' x 32" x 5" 12' x 32" x 5"

    34 lbs (No Gear)*

    30 lbs (No Gear)* 28 lbs (No Gear)* 34 lbs (No Gear)* 34 lbs (No Gear)*
    Core EPS Foam Core EPS Foam Core EPS Foam Core EPS Foam Core EPS Foam Core
    Stringer Laminate Stringer Stringerless Stringerless Laminate Stringer Laminate Stringer
    Capacity Max Weight - 350 lbs Max Weight - 350 lbs Max Weight - 350 lbs Max Weight - 375 lbs Max Weight - 375 lbs
    Skin 3/2 Ply Fiberglass + Wood Veneer 1/1 Co-mingled Innegra

    1/1 Chainmail Weave

    1/1 Co-mingled Innegra 1/1 Co-mingled Innegra

    *Approximate weights
    Native Style Classic Style Chainmail Pro
    Unique, Personal, Cool Timeless, Style, Classic Strong, Light, Fast
    The Native category contains some of the most unique boards we offer. Artistic paint schemes, combined with a single layer of commingled fiberglass / Innegra construction, make these boards not only visually appealing but also incredibly light and strong. The wood inlays of our Classic category are what make these boards one of the most popular styles in the industry. Not only does the wood provide an aesthetic quality it also adds to the strength of these boards. The Classic line of boards will endure the test of time. Inspired by medieval suits of armor, our Chainmail weave pattern combines the strength and weight saving properties of carbon fiber and the pliability and durability of innegra (a polymer fiber). Chainmail style boards are the strongest and lightest boards in our line-up.

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