BOTE Rackham 12' Adventure, Hunting & Fishing Stand-up Paddleboard 2017


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  • The 12' Rackham is the most versatile paddle board we have ever offered. Featuring displacement hull technology, the Rackham paddles effortlessly. The recessed standing platform and thick bow keep the paddler and gear high and dry...And speaking of gear, the 12' Rackham sports a capacity of 400 pounds. Stow your paddle in the Paddle Sheath®, your fishing rods and tackle in a Tackle or Bucket Rac®, and stake out via two thru holes–one of which is Power Pole® Micro compatible. Just as Captain Jack Rackham defined the pirate with his "Joly Roger" flag, the BOTE Rackham will define the waterman's SUP for years to come.

  • Features Classic Native RealTree® Bug Slinger™
    Front Bungee Straps
    What is Front Bungee Straps? Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Paddle Sheath
    What is Paddle Sheath? Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Multi-textured Deck Pad
    What is Multi-textured Deck Pad? Yes Yes Yes Yes
    What is Stashpod? Yes Yes Yes Yes
    What is ConnexSUP? Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Grab Handle
    What is Grab Handle? Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Cooler Tie Downs
    What is Cooler Tie Downs? Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Integrated Paddle Strap
    What is Integrated Paddle Strap? - - - -
    Travelink™ System
    What is Travelink™ System? Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Tackle Rac Compatible
    What is Tackle Rac Compatible? Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Stakeout Holes
    What is Stakeout Holes? Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Rear Bungee Straps
    What is Rear Bungee Straps? Yes Yes Yes Yes
  •  Style Classic Native Bug Slinger RealTree
    Dimension 12'x32"x7" 12'x32"x7" 12'x32"x7" 12'x32"x7"
    Avg. Wt. 43 lbs 43 lbs 43 lbs 43 lbs
    Skin Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass
    Core EPS Foam EPS Foam EPS Foam EPS Foam
    Max Cap. 400 lbs 400 lbs 400 lbs 400 lbs
    Center Fin Included Included Included Included
  • Classic Classic style boards feature exotic wood inlays and the designs are a tribute to traditional maritime themes.
    Native Native style boards feature beautiful designs with graphic artistry to appease your wild side.
    Bug Slinger Bug Slinger™ styles showcase aggressive fishing themed graphics and feature through-holes which can be used to anchor your board using a stake-out pole.
    RealTree In collaboration with RealTree®, BOTE has developed a series of RealTree® Max-5 SUPs. Getting to your favorite fishing hole or duck blind has never been easier (or drier).

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