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  • Travelink SUP Carry System

    BOTE Board innovators have found the missing link in the new patent pending Travelink™ Carry System. The Travelink™ system was designed to get you to your paddling spot more easily, comfortably and without 'dead arm' syndrome. By simply clicking in the Travelink™ adjustable carry strap to the latch points in the rail of the board, you remove all weight from your hands and carry the board more safely and ergonomically with your shoulders and back. After a few sand dune climbs and gusts of wind you'll wonder how you ever carried your SUP without Travelink™.

    The best part is it's permanently flush mounted into the rails of the board - when you aren’t using it, you won't notice it. There is zero effect on the paddling dynamics. Travelink™ latch points can also be used to lock and secure your board.

    Travelink™ – It's the link you've been missing.


    Travelink Latch Points


    Super strong Latch Points are permanently flush mounted into the rails of most of our boards. These Latch Points are low profile and have zero effect on the paddling dynamics of the board.

    Designed to withstand tremendous weight and pressure, the latchpoints also provide a great way to lock up a board when not in use

    Travelink Latch Points


    Travelink Sling
    Travelink Sling Packaging


    Featuring durable swivel clips, the Travelink Sling clicks right into the latch points allowing you to lift and carry the board hands free with ease.

    The Sling is an adjustable strap, constructed with high strength nylon, double stitched for durability and a rubber mesh backing for comfort.


    Travelink Hitchhiker


    The Travelink System also features detachable Hitchhikers which provide a convenient place to store extra gear. Hitchhikers attach to the Travelink Sling (or just about anything) with two velcro attachment straps.

    The RF Welded seams and zipper are sealed providing watertight construction and superior durability.

    Travelink Hitchhikers*HitchHikers sold separately.

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