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Harmony Silent Traction System for Fishing Kayaks


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  • Stay stealthy with the Harmony Silent Traction System so you can sneak up on fish in your kayak. Attach the included self-adhering, sound-dampening pads to your kayak to dampen the noises caused by your paddle, pole, or fishing tools hitting the hull, placing the pads at spots where these items would otherwise incidentally make contact with your boat. The Silent Traction System includes three different pre-cut pad sizes, from long 4-inch by 13-inch panels to small 4-inch circles, and you can also cut the pads into your preferred shape and size.
    • Two 4"x 23" gunwale strips
    • Four 4" ovals with smaller oval cutouts
    • Four 3"x 5" rectangles
    • Diamond-cut foam
    • self-adhesive backing

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