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Kialoa Tiare Women's Fiberglass SUP Paddle


  • KIALOA is proud to introduce a new paddle designed to give the female paddler the best experience possible. The blade is designed for optimal catch at the front of the stroke and the Slim Shaft™ with plumeria graphics is a visual stunner. But more importantly the carbon wrapped fiberglass shaft fits a smaller hand perfectly with just the right amount of flex. Conventional thought is to shrink and pink a paddle and ladies will buy in, but we created this paddle from the ground up based on your specific feedback.

    • Grip: ABS Palm
    • Shaft Material: Fiberglass
    • Shaft Shape: Slim Round
    • Blade Angle: 10 degrees
    • Blade Material: Fiberglass Fibrlite™
    • Surface Area: 80 sq in
    • Blade Width: 7 1/2"
    • Blade Length: 15 1/2"
    • Weight: 21 oz

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