Nocqua Pro Power Kit

Nocqua Adventure Gear

  • NOCQUA’s proprietary 12V rechargeable power source for fish finders, depth finders and other electrical components.

    • Open ended connectors adaptable for powering a variety of electronic devices
    • Lightweight, long lasting and versatile battery kit developed to power electronic accessories and withstand exposure to the elements

    (Fish finder not included)

  • Includes:

    • One 12V Lithium Ion Battery; 4400mAh
    • One 110V Charger
    • One 12″ Connector with open leads
    • 6″ heat shrink tubing
    • 2 heat shrink butt connectors
  • To calculate the run time of NOCQUA’s Pro Power Kit with your device, please use the below formula or the calculator provided by ( The battery’s capacity is 4400mAh.

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