NuCanoe Pinnacle 360 Kayak Seat

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Base Style
  • The 360 Pinnacle Seat for the Frontier sets a new standard for fishing kayaks. Modeled after high-end ergonomic seats, it provides ideal lumbar support for all-day-long comfort, enables full range of motion motion for paddling and fishing, and is completely breathable.  All that, and 360 Mobility! Includes seat swivel & mounting hardware.
    • Always Face the Action:  Pinnacle 360 Seats allow you to turn your seat, not your kayak, to face the action. With the stability of the Frontier plus the adjustable seat back, you’ll be balanced and confident no matter which direction you are facing. Can be mounted on both the RIGID 360 Bases and Multi-seat Base.
    • All Day Long Support:  The dual-adjustable lumbar support on provides support where you need it, so you feel as good at the end of the day as when you launched.
    • Superior Comfort:  The mesh fabric has a natural stretch that conforms to your body for maximum comfort. Pinnacle 360 Seats feature an extra wide seat bottom, measuring 19” wide and 17” long, the seat bottom gives your legs room to move and keeps your hips from being squeezed.
    • Breathable Fabric:  Literally see through, the high tech fabric will not absorb water and is completely breathable. Say goodbye to back sweat and wet seat bottoms.
    • Unlimited Mobility:  The Seat Back Frame curves away from your middle back, leaving you free to move your shoulders and upper back for unimpeded paddling and casting.
    • High & Low Seat Options The High Rigid 360 Base elevates the Pinnacle 360 Seat 13.5 inches off the deck floor (Measured to side of seat. Actual seat height will be slightly lower due to the conforming fabric), providing better visibility and a more natural seating posture. The Low Rigid 360 Base drops the seat height two inches for a lower center of gravity and more rigidity.
    • Mounting:
      Standard – The Swivel mounts directly to the Rigid 360 Base for the most secure connection. Simply loosen the knobs on the Rigid 360 Base to remove the seat.
      Optional – Add the Quick Release Bracket to enable quick removal of the 360 Pinnacle Seat from the Rigid 360 Base. The QRB adds ½” to the height and introduces a little “play” into the seat connection.

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