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NuCanoe Slide Drawers for Pursuit


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  • Pursuit Slide Drawers

    Store Tackle | Stage Rods | Mount Devices | Preserve Clean & Open Deck

    The NuCanoe Slide Drawers make it possible to have your rods, tackle, gear, and devices within reach, while preserving your clean open deck. The Slide Drawers mount in the Bow Crate Space and slide in the Freedom Track to always be within reach. They take up virtually no deck space and easily lift out at the end of your day.

    • Mount Up
      The top of the Slide Drawer is an ideal mounting surface and includes an 18” track for accessories.
    • Safe + Secure
      Quickly and easily store gear in the drawer to keep it safe and secure.
  • Pursuit Slide Drawer

    Item # 2545
    Store your choice of gear and utilize the 18″ of track on top for additional accessories. Drawer fits 3700 series Plano boxes.

    Product Specs:
    Material: Marine Starboard
    Weight: 6lb

    Pursuit Slide Drawer Elite

    Item # 2546
    Includes the Bullwinkle and RotoGrip Paddle Holder.

    Product Specs:
    Material: Marine Starboard
    Weight: 7 lbs

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