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NuCanoe Transom Motor Plate - Ver.2


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  • Protect your Transom while using a motor and prevent any water from coming in though the Transom hole. Tighten the wing nut to expand the plug and create a snug fit. Plates are made of 1/4″ thick Marine Starboard – inside plate has a lip to prevent the motor from slipping off.
  • Material: Marine Starboard
    Weight: 8 oz
    • Outboards
      The Frontier and Pursuit are rated for up to 2.5HP.  A 15″ or 20″ shaft length will work fine.  We recommend using the Transom Motor Plate to best protect your NuCanoe. If you’re interested in a clean, quiet and lightweight option, the LEHR Propane Outboard works great on the Frontier.
    • Transom Mount Trolling Motors
      Motors with 30-55lb thrust and a 24-30″ shaft are perfect for the Pursuit and Frontier.

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