Ronix Classic Stub Fish Wake Surfboard, 2016


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White / Black / Wood
  • Similar laid back feel to our previous Koal longboard shape, with the added release of a Koal Fish. Sometimes you need those days and a product to remind us all of why there is no feeling like riding sideways on the water. The thickest, most buoyant surf constructed board in our range has our thickest/full rail with a forgiving soft bevel. The result is our most stable easygoing soul turn special that is even more forgiving for a Sunday afternoon cruise. Grab a couple of your favorite chums, regardless of the surfer’s size or boat wake, and experience the endless wave of this new design. Combining a longboard cruise with a new swallowtail design for an even easier release from the water on this new fun board aquatic device.

  • New machined concave top deck for more board control and overall feel
    New Machined EVA pad design with built in tail wedge
    A fast rocker line, with a hard edging/stable profile and rail design
    1 - 2.9” surf specific bottom mount fins
    Surf constructed - lighter, faster, more buoyant, and yes more fragile (handle with care)
    Vacuum bagged, epoxy construction - harder resin equals a stronger board
    CNC core - handmade by robots

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