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System Eight.3 Telescoping Floor Ballast


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Silver / Scuderia
  • Weighting the mid portion of your boat is key to maintaining the right distribution for a bigger size wake.

      1. Telescoping chamber with TiZip waterproof zipper
      2. 26 gauge heavy duty PVC materials
      3. High strength sonic welded seams
      4. 1.5” diameter fill port
      5. Two 1” diameter external drain/vent ports

  • CTN 400lbs - Silver / Scuderia
    Size: 35”W X 35”L X 9”H

    CTN 650lbs - Silver / Scuderia
    Size: 45”W X 45”L X 9”H

    CTN 800lbs - Silver / Scuderia
    Size: 45”W X 55”L X 9”H

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