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YakAttack Mighty Mount w/ Full Back


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  • A standard Mighty Mount plus the Fullback, a super strong backing plate used inside the hull for ultra duty attachment of the Mighty Mount. Provides backing support that brings significantly more surface area contact than nuts and washers. For installation in tough to reach places, install with the Rigging Bullet (#4007).  Includes mounting hardware.

    The MightyMount is probably the most versatile mount in the industry. Low profile and with a small footprint, it can be installed in locations that other mounts simply will not fit. The Mighty Mount can be used as a standalone mount, installed directly on a kayak's gunwale or other surface to attach YakAttack t-bolt accessories, or as a stabilizing platform to attach things to GearTracs and other track systems.

  • ►Mighty Mount
    ►Fullback backing plate
    ►Mounting Hardware
  • ● Dims: 2-3/8"Lg X 2"Wd X 1/2"Ht
    ● Weight: ~2 oz
    ● Construction: High Strength Marine Grade Polymer
    ● Incl: Mighty Mount, Necessary Hardware Included


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