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ZUP "DoubleZUP" Tow Rope & Handle


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  •  The DoubleZUP™ Handle and Rope is designed for use with the versatile ZUP® Boards, and will also work with other boards. The unique patent pending design of this tow handle, helps remove the stress on the rider, as they get to a full standing position. The innovative double handle system comes with a 60 foot low-stretch polyethylene mainline that’s brightly colored for visibility in all water conditions. Great for all ages and skill levels.
    We call the Symmetrical & Vertical hand holding position “Dragster Style”. This holding position is the safest ergonomics for your shoulders, says the shoulder doctors we asked.

    Simply connect your new DoubleZUP Handle to the tow hook built into each ZUP Board, for the easiest Stress-Free Start on 70% of the planet, the wet part.

    Reconnect your new patent pending DoubleZUP™ Tow Handle safely and easily to change your riding position ANYTIME during your awesome ride! That is the brilliance of our new patent pending invention!

    Parents love this awesome Safety feature: that we designed it specifically to protect kid’s fingers, when reattaching the DoubleZUP Handle multiple times during a ride! Ergonomically, it works like a dream, to engage the rider’s core to remove tow handle smoothly each time.
    Another safety feature is the unique beautiful Lime-Yellow Foam Float. It is a Floating Beacon of Safety when you are looking for your handle in the water!

    Now EveryBODY GetZUP!™ Great for all ages and skill levels.
    • Designed for use with the ZUP® Board, and works with other Boards as well. 
    • Innovative patent pending Double Handle system is easy and safe to connect and reconnect anytime during your ride, no stopping needed! Never worry about pinched fingers when reattaching.
    • Includes a Brightly colored (Safety Lime-Yellow)  60 foot low-stretch polyethylene mainline 
    • Most Safe and Unique features of any Tow Handle on the market today. 
    • Durable Construction 
    • Each DoubleZUP™ Handle ships with a Header Card, How to Use and Safety information
    • Weight: 2.5 lbs 
    • Dimensions:  12″L x 5″W x 18″H 
    • Color:  Lime-Yellow Float and Rope for Safety (easy to spot in the water!) 
    • Blue Handles 

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