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ZUP "You Got This" Board


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  • ZUP® is a fresh, new, easy way to get your family and friends up on the water riding quickly. Ride the ZUP Board standing, kneeling, lying down, surfing, resting, or even backward. ZUP is a durable molded board that's buoyant, so everybody gets “ZUP” with ease. The ZUP features an integrated tow hook for easy starts, quick position changes on the fly and stress-free starting!  Comfortable, non-skid EVA foam padding, easy slip-in foot straps, and comfortable molded-in side handles let you take this board in any direction you want to go. Great for all ages and skill levels.  

    We’re Taking Water Sports in a whole new direction - Lay, Kneel, Stand, Surf, Sit, Ride Backwards, etc.

    Reconnect your new patent pending DoubleZUP™ Tow Rope & Handle safely and easily to change your riding position ANYTIME during your awesome ride! That is the brilliance of our powerful combo!

    Now EveryBODY GetZUP! Great for all ages and skill levels. Very quick learning, FUN from minute one! Just start slow and confidence will grow! Pulls well behind most boats*, even pontoons & PWCs!
    *Minimum suggested horsepower is 100

    • Most Versatile water sports board available for Beginners to Intermediate riders 
    • Comfortable, non-skid EVA foam padding, allows for multiple foot positions anywhere on the board. 
    • Easy slip-in Multifunctional Foot Straps*, that are also Elbow Pads & Kneepads as needed (*patent pending) 
    • Durable Roto-Molded Construction 
    • Friendly Stable Hydrodynamics (won’t catch an edge) with a very buoyant board 
    • Indestructible molded-in safe side handles 
    • Each board includes an informative Header Card, How to Ride instructions, Warranty information and Safety information 
    • Weight: 16.5 lbs 
    • Dimensions:  58″L x 27″W x 5″H 
    • Color:  Lime-Yellow for Safety (easy to spot in the water!) 

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